Period pieces, the remnants of Halloween and the beginning of Christmas cheer…

This November on Netflix, you can expect a whole host of new films, documentaries and more. There’s a little bit for everyone which means you can catch up on some football history in preparation for the FIFA World Cup, watch a few cartoons (if that’s more your speed) or get your thrills from mysterious docuseries.

The release that we’re the most excited for, however, as it marks the most wonderful time of the year – is the Christmas movies.

Here’s what to watch on Netflix in November  

The Secret of the Greco Family

Release date: November 4

A family that seems perfect but harbours a dark secret… To keep up with the pretences and their seemingly luxurious lifestyle and social standing in society, the family secretly kidnaps wealthy people and holds them for ransom. The events of the show are based on a true story.

Enola Holmes 2

Release date: November 4

Following the success of the first film, Enola Holmes follows Enola as she takes on her first official case as a detective but to solve the mystery of this missing girl, Enola must seek the help of her friends and brother – Sherlock Holmes.

FIFA Uncovered

Release date: November 9

From power struggles to global politics, this limited series is an exploration of FIFA and reveals the organization’s checkered history and dives into what it takes to host a World Cup. The docuseries will be released just in time for you to refresh your FIFA knowledge, before kick-off.

Falling for Christmas

Release date: November 10

After experiencing memory loss in a skiing accident, a spoiled heiress falls (hah) into the care of a down-on-his-luck widower and his daughter smack bang during the Christmas season. Naturally, love conquers all. What is slightly unexpected is that the heiress is none other than Lindsay Lohan.

Ancient Apocalypse

Release date: November 11

In this docuseries, journalist Graham Hancock travels around the globe in search of evidence of mysterious, lost civilizations dating back as far as the last Ice Age.

The Wonder

Release date: November 16

Set in 1862 this period piece, follows a nurse on her travels from England to a small remote Irish village in search of answers and the truth about a young girl’s supposed miraculous fast.

Christmas with You

Release date: November 17

While seeking inspiration for her hit holiday track, a popstar grants a young fan his ultimate Christmas wish – meeting her. Along the way, she finds her shot at finding true love. Not predictable, or sappy like any other typical holiday movie, but one we will watch nonetheless.


Release date: November 17

When mysterious events change the course of an immigrant ship headed for New York, a mind-bending riddle begins to unfold and leaves the passengers of the ship bewildered.

The Cuphead Show

Release date: November 18

Another season of the show based on the video game of the same name – The Cuphead Show follows brothers Mugman and Cuphead on frightening and dangerous adventures where the pair are often caught up in the middle of trouble where they must work together to escape responsibility.

Inside Job

Release date: November 18

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