The platform has made a list and checked it twice (sorry, Christmas is here, bear with us)…

With the year coming to an end, leading food-delivery service provider Deliveroo has decided to be pensive and reflect on a year in delivery with its annual report.

The ’Deliveroo 100 Report’ is a list of the top dishes that have been ordered on the platform from across the world. The humble shawarma made it to the number one spot from a restaurant in Paris, France, but there’s still cause to celebrate as a total of nine dishes from Dubai restaurants have made it onto the global list.

From burgers from the kitchens of Dubai home-grown heroes to popular fast food chains, popular Middle Eastern treats and more…

Here are the nine Dubai dishes that made the ‘Deliveroo 100 Report’…

chicken burger pickl

Ranked fourth globally, is our very local burger joint Pickl, with their delicious chicken sando.

Next, ranked at the 26th position is McDonald’s and their McChicken meal.

Following them down the line ranked at number 42 is the Lebanese, Zaatar W Zeit and their famous chicken.

Following them in 48th position is the Dubai-born Operation Falafel and their divine classic falafels.

Shake Shack steals position number 53 with the classic ShackBurger. And right below that is one of What’s On’s faves: High Jamz burger from High Joint at number 54.

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Levantine restaurant Manoushe Street placed 79th with the oh-so-cheesy, Akkawi Cheese. At number 85 is the very popular Jollibee’s 2-piece Chicken with a side, and last but certainly not least, coming in at number 97 is KFC’s twister sandwich.

If you have contributed to this list by ordering any of these items in the last 365 days, you’re not alone because the team What’s On team has definitely ordered a few of these dishes in the last two weeks alone.

Want to see the entire list? Head here and scroll down for the PDF.

Here are some other interesting stats that came out from the report

A whopping 23 per cent of the spots on the list were chicken-based dishes. Customers around the world are ditching the cutlery, 60 per cent of the dishes can be eaten by hand.

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