Plan ahead so you don’t miss out on the grand celebrations…

By now you would have heard that Burj Khalifa is going to hold a record-breaking firework and laser show on New Year’s Eve. If you’re excited to see the grand display, do note you will be joining thousands of other residents and visitors. In order to keep things orderly, Emaar has announced a few guidelines.

Here are the things you should keep in mind when planning your evening.

First-come, first-serve

Everyone is welcome to enjoy the Burj Khalifa show and the fireworks from the streets of Downtown Dubai, but do note, that attendance is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

In order words, you are advised to arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Road closures, transport and parking

Every year, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority announces road closures to facilitate traffic and crowds.

On the night, Emaar have announced that Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard will be closed from approximately 6pm onwards. Guests with a reservation at a hotel or a restaurant, which includes parking, must arrive ahead of this time. Read on to see the different access points to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard.

You can park at Dubai Mall, but of course, it will be closed once it reaches its capacity. If you wish to park here, arrive early. Once the road closures surrounding the parking access are in place, no further admittance will be available.

Arriving by taxi? If you’re heading here by taxi, you will not be able to access Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard once the road closures have been implemented.

When will road closures be lifted? Roads will reopen between 1am to 2am but this will be decided by Dubai Police and the RTA based on the current situation. Cars that are parked at hotels, residences, and the food and beverage outlets in Dubai Mall and Downtown Dubai will only be able to leave once the restrictions are lifted.

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Arriving by Dubai Metro? Every year, the Dubai Mall metro station shuts for a number of hours over NYE. This year, the Dubai Mall metro station could close anytime between 2pm to 10pm depending on the capacity at Dubai Mall.

Accessing Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard

Emaar will have five different access points across Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard for visitors:

  • Gate 1: Behind Downtown Command Centre
  • Gate 2: Behind Burj Vista
  • Gate 3: Near Emaar Square, adjacent to Boulevard Plaza Building
  • Gate 4: Opposite Address Boulevard
  • Gate 5: Opposite Address Downtown

If you have bookings and reservations…

If you have plans to dine at one of the very many cafes and restaurants in the Downtown area, make sure you got the procedures for the night from the venue.

For further information, please visit 

If you’re avoiding the crowds in Downtown Dubai but want some dazzling fireworks to kickstart your 2023, head to one of these beaches where you can enjoy the NYE firework display with your toes in the sand.

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