Get ready for even more fun…

Hatta is one of our favourite spots in the UAE for adventure, and it keeps getting better. The Hatta Master Development plan, was first unveiled in October 2021, with 14 projects and initiatives implemented. And now a second phase has been unveiled by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, which is set to commence this year.

After the incredible success of phase one of the Hatta Master Devevlopment plan, the implementation of Phase two will see a variety of new projects and restorations in store for Hatta.

Here’s what we know so far

Restoration of Wadi Lim Lake

The next phase of development will see the restoration of Wadi Lim Lake. Tourists, travellers and residents alike will be able to experience seasonal kiosks, food carts as well as facilities, walkways and rest areas that are all aimed to enhance investment opportunities and promote tourism in the area.

A new residential area and hiking tracks

HATTA Hiking trail

A new model of a residential district is being designed along with the additional construction of 100 national houses, as part of the development. Known by adventure seekers and outdoorsy folk, Hatta will also see the introduction of hiking tracks along select mountainous regions to further facilitate leisure and sporting activities.

Hatta heritage and cycling made easier

Efforts will also be made to feature the rich culture and heritage of the town by enhancing UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Hatta tombs and the Falaj Al Shari’a. These archaeological sites date back to as far as the Bronze and Iron Ages. Along with the initial 11.5km cycling track, a new track will be built to link key sites in the region, traffic management and landscaping strategies are still being finalised.

Chasing waterfalls

Back in 2021, a cable car system as well as a sustainable man-made waterfall system were announced, which have now both been approved in phase two. Labelled as The Dubai Summit, The cable car route will pass over Hatta Dam Lake and the Upper Dam Lake as well as through the mountains, ending at the summit of Um Al Nesoor mountain. At 1,300m above sea level, it is the highest summit in Dubai. There will be three main stops along the way and the station will be located above the Hatta Dam. It will also be linked to the car park.

As for the man-made waterfall, the slope of the upper dam will be used to create a natural waterfall. In addition, a waterway will be built along the parking area of the dam and will be home to recreational spaces and cafes. The water that will be used in the feature will be collected, recycled and then pumped back to the top of the dam.

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