Another brand new concept will also be announced soon…

7 Management, the hospitality heavyweights behind popular Dubai hotspots including Seven Sisters, February 30 and The Theater, are heading to Abu Dhabi. For their debut in the UAE capital, 7 Management will bring Instagrammable Italian restaurant Lucia’s and vibrant beach club February 30 to the capital.


Lucia’s Dubai

Lucia’s, which bottles up the essence of the Amalfi Coast and brings it to a venue of maximalist interiors, flavourful menus and lively entertainment, will open in the final quarter of 2023 inside Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi. When it lands in Abu Dhabi, we hope Lucia’s brings some of its signature dishes like the impressive crudo tower, spaghetti vongole and creamy tiramisu to the capital.


February 30 Dubai

The final quarter of 2023 will also see February 30 arrive in Abu Dhabi, this time at Saadiyat Island. If you’re familiar with the venue on Palm West Beach, you’ll know that it’s popular both for sun-soaked beach days and lively sundowner sets. It stands out against the crowd for its signature candy-striped parasols, circular bar and Alice In Wonderland-esque decor.

As first reported by Gulf News, 7 Management will also bring a brand new concept to Abu Dhabi. Although details are under wraps for now, more details are expected to be announced soon.

CEO & Founder of 7 Management Rabih Fakhreddine described the expansion into Abu Dhabi as a move that ‘makes sense.’ “We’re well established now in Dubai, and we look forward to diversifying and expanding our portfolio with new projects in Abu Dhabi,” he adds.

Further expansion in Dubai

Adding to their impressive portfolio in Dubai, which currently includes Lucia’s, February 30, Seven Sisters, The Theater, Cafe Beirut, B018, Black Flamingo, Sayf and Cafe Beirut by the Sea, 7 Management will open more venues this year.

A sister venue to Lucia’s called Limonata will open in the final quarter of the year at Club Vista Mare, as a seaside iteration of the Downtown venue. The hospitality group will also operate one of 10 venues at the soon-to-open Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab, a Lebanese export from Beirut called Kun, which Fakkherdine says will be a “unique experience.”

There’s a third venue also in the 7 Management pipeline in Dubai, set to launch at the end of the year. Although no further details have been given, it’s been described as a ‘mega project’ so we can’t wait to find out more.