Get back those dirhams…

We dislike late food deliveries, especially when the ‘hangry’ mood sets in. However, in a bid to make you feel a little better, a new initiative announced by Careem Food will see customers receiving a dirham for every minute that their delivery is late.

According to The National, the initiative is part of a proof of confidence in the company’s services and drivers – in other words, Careem knows its food will never reach its customers late.

On the off chance that the delivery is late however, one very concerning question comes to mind: ‘Will the money be deducted from the driver’s salary?’. Thankfully, according to Careem, the answer is no. The four-week-long campaign which ends on June 8, will not affect the driver’s salaries, nor with the drivers be penalised for late orders.

During the interview with the daily newspaper, Alex Golden, global head of Careem Food said “We’re confident in our ability to deliver food to our customers super fast without compromising on the quality of our orders, thanks to Careem’s market-leading logistics infrastructure.”

Careem explained that “the estimated time of delivery accuracy is optimised by assigning the right captains to each order based on their proximity to the restaurant and delivery address, as well as streamlining partner operations through quicker dispatch orders from restaurants”

After the launch of Careem Food in 2018, the sector of the organisation has grown exponentially and is now also available in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, with more countries on the way.

So, how will I get dirhams?

For every minute that the order is late, Dhs1 will be tallied and once your delivery has arrived, the money will be deposited into your Careem wallet. The wallet can be used across any of Careem’s services, including a handy money transfer service whereby you can send money directly from your wallet to any of your contacts (which makes group deliveries from one account very easy.)

Or, you can keep it in your wallet for your next Careem ride or order. The money can be deposited into a bank account linked to your Careem account.

What else has Careem been up to?

Over summerDubi Parks and Resorts is footing the bill with a free Careem ride from anywhere in Dubai straight to the theme park Whether you’re going to Motiongate, Legoland or the Legoland Water Park, when buying four or more tickets, you will receive a two-way Careem transfer for the day. So you can throw the ‘Oh, it’s so far away!’ excuse out the door.

Images: Careem