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If you are a huge fan of Disney, take note, as the Disney princesses are performing on stage at Coca-Cola Arena this weekend.

Relive magical Disney moments and the most popular tunes with Disney Princess – The Concert where you’ll see Princess Jasmine, Elsa, Cinderella, Belle, Tiana, and other Disney princesses perform live on stage.

The performance by Broadway and West End Stars takes place on Saturday, May 6 and 7 and is guaranteed to be a fun musical night out for the whole family.

Tickets are selling out quickly and seats are currently available for 2pm on both days. Tickets can be purchased here.

Disney Princess The Concert

Expect to sing along with Disney classics such as Let It Go, Reflections, A Whole New World, How Far I’ll Go and much more.

2023 marks the 100th anniversary of Disney, and this concert in particular is to celebrate the leading ladies in each magical story. And they aren’t just the ones on two legs either, as we can expect Nala from The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and other female heroes.

Besides music, the performers who will be celebrating these iconic characters will also share exclusive, hilarious and heartfelt behind-the-scenes stories from their time on the stage and screen.

Now, while we are all for celebrating the female stars in this performance, it wouldn’t be complete without the princes. So, yes each princess will also be joined on stage by their significant other so the entire tale comes magically together.

Joining them in the magical performances will be the popular orchestra, Firdaus Orchestra. The all-women ensemble was put together by Expo 2020 Dubai and mentored by celebrated Bollywood and Hollywood composer, AR Rahman.

If the orchestra sounds familiar, you most likely heard them perform at Expo 2020 Dubai on the Jubilee Stage where they put together a number of classical music performances. The orchestra comprises 50 musicians from more than 24 nationalities across the world. They will be led by female conductor, Monica Woodman.

To add some more magic to the night, audience members are encouraged to dress up in their best royal attire and join in on the fun.

Here are Team What’s On favourite Disney princesses:

Alice Holtham, Group Editor:  Tiana from The Princess and the Frog  – Strong, independent, entrepreneurial – what’s not to love about Tiana, the protagonist in The Princess and the Frog? While I may not have her culinary skills – we do have a shared passion: to own a restaurant.

Elise Kerr, Deputy Editor: Rapunzel from Tangled – Aside from the obvious #hairgoals, Rapunzel and I share a frequent battle between wanting to both be adventurous and explore the world, and hide out in a place where no one can reach.

Miles Buckeridge, Senior Online Reporter: Princess Jasmine from Aladdin – Jasmine reminds me of my daughter. Tough, self-assured, sassy, smart and will feed you to the tigers if she’s not a fan of the world you try to show her.

Aarti Saundalkar, Online Reporter: Mulan from Mulan – Not your traditional princess with a fairy godmother, but won my heart over for her love, courage and determination. She was also the first princess of Asian descent paving the way for many others in the years to come.

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Tamara Wright, Online Reporter: Moana from Moana – According to Maui, ‘if you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick, you’re a princess’. But it’s Moana’s indomitable, adventurous spirit, independence, feminism, and love for her family that makes her my all-time favourite.

Shelby Gee, Junior Online Reporter: Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph – You may argue about her being a real princess – but she is, and I relate to Vanllope so much. Car fan? Check, although I’d happily be a passenger princess. Witty remarks? Who… me…? Never…

Romy Hunt, Junior Online Reporter: Nala from The Lion King – Fierce and authoritative, yet always kind and caring. She’s a true queen, embodies feminism and is a great role model for young girls showcasing strong and naturally sound leadership throughout the film, while always remaining warm.

Sheila Deocareza, Art Director: Belle from Beauty and the Beast – She sees beyond appearances and doesn’t let anyone (especially a burly and brawny man) stand in the way of her dreams.

Coca-Cola Arena, City Walk, May 6 and 7, Tel: (800) 223 388. coca-cola-arena.com

Images: Disney Concerts social