Adidas do love us…

Dubai is the place to be for collaborations between brands apparently. In recent years we have seen plenty of international brands that are household names work closely with brands that we here in Dubai hold near and dear to our hearts.

From conserving the oceans to specially curated pieces of wearable art and even some pretty delicious treats.

Here are 6 of the best regional collaborations that Dubai has seen to date. 

Ravi x Adidas


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Quite possibly one of the most viral collaborations we have seen to date. Ravi, if you live under a rock, is a Pakistani restaurant originally located in Satwa and has become an institution and a household name. Back in 2022, Ravi and Adidas announced a collaboration we don’t think anybody was ready for. The drop of Ravi x Adidas had sneakerheads flocking to cop a pair of the limited edition kicks. The Original Superstars were coloured in Ravi’s green and off-white, with Ravi written in Arabic and English on the backtab of the shoes. The sneaks were so detailed they even had a hand-drawn map of the river (or Ravi) in Northeast Pakistan in the sock liner.

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Pirate Surf Rescue x Nickelodeon

There have been quite a few occasions where Pirate Surf Rescue have teamed up with Nickelodeon to highlight the importance of the marine life that lives just off our Dubai shores. The typically comes around during World Oceans Day, which falls on June 8. The duo come together to create an engaging and educational event that allows kids to learn about the beach environment and learn about the importance of preserving our oceans.

Emirates x Dior

Yes, we recognised that Emirates is one of the biggest airlines in the world, however, it is still a local brand that we hold dear to our travelling hearts. This year Emirates announced that they will be collaborating with the fashion house, Dior to create a beauty hub at Emirates HQ for the cabin crew. The Emirates Beauty Hub serves as a space where cabin crew can connect with Dior specialised consultants to top up on the best and latest practices when using Dior products. / @diorbeauty

Huda Al Nuaimi x Waitrose


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Emirati designer Huda Al Nuaimi is the creator behind the brand Nuaimi, an eco-conscious label that creates unique items for women. With the push for the UAE to become more aware of single-use plastic bags. Grocery bags have become somewhat of a fashion accessory. Naturally, a designer collab would follow. Creating bags that were fashion-forward but also eco-friendly was at the forefront of Huda’s mind, which is why this Waitrose collab just makes sense.

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Rascals x Confirmed Adidas


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In the words of the great DJ Khaled, another one. Adidas collaborated with one of Dubai’s cult-following sandwich pop-ups (that now calls Wasl Square their home.) Back in April, Rascals Deli worked alongside Adidas’ Confirmed – a shop section that provides exclusive drops and curated collections such as the Gucci x Adidas collab or the Bad Bunny collection. The collab featured a limited edition club sando that was available for free when downloading the Confirmed app.

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What’s On Dubai x Pitfire Pizza

We recognise that this might be a bit of a troll, but name a better duo than What’s On and Pitfire Pizza – we’ll wait. In celebration of our 44th birthday, we worked alongside Pitfire Pizza to create a pizza with quintessential Dubai toppings. That means lamb kofta, a sprinkling of fatoush salad, pomegranate molasse and hummus, all topped off with Chips Oman. And all for a steal of Dhs44.

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