The shaded waiting areas, comfortable seating and air conditioned spaces will help to keep delivery motorists safe…

As Abu Dhabi continues to protect and improve life in the capital for delivery drivers, the emirate has unveiled plans for a new rider hub.

Slated for a September launch, the Hub will comprise safe spaces with shaded waiting areas, comfortable seating, air conditioning, and drinking water facilities – all with your friendly, neighbourhood delivery rider in mind. This comes as a welcome endeavour considering how frequently residents across Abu Dhabi tend to order in.

The project will be implemented on street (E25), one of the most accessible areas to Abu Dhabi’s array of restaurants and cafes.

Driven by a feedback-gathering exercise to gain riders’ insights, the benefits brought on by the initiative are multifold, in ensuring safety, providing parking spaces, minimizing traffic fines and addressing delays in food delivery. They will also comprise shaded waiting areas and drinking water facilities, augmenting the city’s growing image as a smart and all-inclusive destination.

Abu Dhabi has previously collaborated with Talabat to form the ‘Summer Together’ initiative, which saw the creation of solar-powered rest areas for its ever-present delivery drivers in a concerted push for rider safety. These rest areas are designed to offer a space for drivers to relax in between their deliveries during the summer.

Image: Abu Dhabi Media Office