Mona Kattan shares her guide to life in the UAE…

Each month, we ask Dubai residents to share a guide to the UAE through their eyes. Their favourite places, hidden gems, must-try dishes and local brands they love.

This month, we chat to Mona Kattan (@monakattan), entrepreneur, beauty mogul and founder of Kayali Fragrances. She shares some of her favourite spots you need on your radar.

Stay here

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is definitely my favourite staycation spot. You can often find me poolside there as it is so relaxing and it wisland getaway. I love being in and near the water, it’s my happy place.


Go here

Palm West Beach

Right now, I’m loving Palm West Beach. It’s so chilled, but there’s always something happening at the same time. It’s perfect to go for a walk with your friends, your pets or just go for a nice bite and watch an incredible sunset. I love it.


Eat here


My favourite restaurant is hands down, 3Fils. My husband and I go all the time. Their food is divine and I love that it’s super casual and by the water. Make sure you try their Wagyu Burger. You can thank me later!


Spritz this

Kayali perfume

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A fragrance that transports me is KAYALI Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21. I created this juice during lockdown when I was craving a dreamy beach holiday. It instantly transports me to the amazing beaches of the Seychelles and drinking freshly cut coconuts on the sand.