Flexible options relating to the payment of fines have been announced…

We never endorse driving over the speed limit or jumping a red just because you overslept. But in the off chance you said cheese, here’s how you could be eligible for a 35 per cent discount on traffic fines in the capital.

Image: What’s On archive

Abu Dhabi Police have reminded the public that, as part of their traffic discount initiative, those who pay their traffic fines early could avail of this discount. In the announcement, they also underscored that motorists would have the option to pay their traffic fines in interest-free installments, should they have incurred heavier penalties on the roads of Abu Dhabi.

That being said, in order to avail of these options, you would need to hold a credit or debit card from any of the five banks associated with the Abu Dhabi Police. These are First Abu Dhabi bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Mashreq Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and Emirates Islamic Bank.

To delve into the details, drivers (and riders) who pay their fines within 60 days will be eligible for the full 35 per cent discount. If you need a little longer, say over 60 days and up until a year to clear your dues, you still get 25 per cent off any fines you might’ve racked up.

However, that isn’t everything with respect to flexible options. You can also pay your fines off via a number of avenues, including adpolice.gov.ae, the Abu Dhabi Police app, or at tamm.abudhabi. Abu Dhabi police have introduced several flexible options for motorists to clear their dues in the past, including a 50 per cent reduction for ‘non-dangerous fines’.