All the details on how to save money on traffic fines…

Back in December 2019, Abu Dhabi Police announced a 50 per cent discount on fines for ‘non-dangerous’ violations accrued on Abu Dhabi roads before December 22, 2019.

The scheme was initially intended to finish on March 22, but the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police has now confirmed that the reductions will continue until June 22.

News of the discounts came via the police’s social media accounts and will be welcome news for those who still haven’t got round to paying their fines.

The reduction of up to 50 per cent applies to fines incurred before December 22, 2019. According to the Abu Dhabi Police call centre, there is also a 35 per cent reduction in cost for infractions between December 22, 2019 and March 22, 2020.

Hopefully you won’t be doing anything that will cause you to get a traffic fine between now and June 22, 2020 — but should you get a fine in that period, you’ll be entitled to 25 per cent off the penalty.

Once again, this only applies to ‘non-dangerous’ traffic violations.

Abu Dhabi Police Police emphasised their ongoing commitment to motivate “community members to adhere to laws and regulations, alleviate their burdens, and enable them to settle their legal status and reduce irregularities.”

Penalties for speeding start at Dhs300 for speeds up to 20kph over the maximum limit, but can rise to Dhs3,000 with 23 black points and vehicle impound for 60 days for speeds in excess of 70kph over the limit.

Remember, in Abu Dhabi, there are no 20kph allowances on top of the stated limit.

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You can pay traffic fines accrued in Abu Dhabi online or through the police Call Center 800 3333.

In other cost-saving motoring news for the capital, earlier this month it was revealed that the Abu Dhabi road toll system would be deferred until 2021.

And in February, Dubai police announced a fine reduction system that would last the whole of 2020. Drivers managing to not reoffend following an initial violation could eventually be entitled to up to 100 per cent off that original fine.