And, relax…

It may be summer but the schedule at What’s On HQ is as fast-paced as ever. So when the opportunity to experience a one-hour massage at Silk Spa, Habtoor Palace Dubai came about, I couldn’t refuse. 

My appointment was scheduled after breakfast which means I started out the day with a light meal so as to not be uncomfortable during my treatment. Once at the hotel, I was led by the helpful staff to the spa where I was instantly made welcomed. After discussing with the masseur what I was looking to get out of the massage, we decided that the deep tissue massage would benefit me the best. 

Since I knew that a light touch wouldn’t help get rid of the knots in my upper back, I selected the hard massage paired with soothing lavender oil to help eliminate stress.  

Habtoor City Silk Spa Whirpool

Once the paperwork was done, I was handed over a comfortable robe to change into and was given a quick tour of the facilities. There was a sauna, steam room and a very tempting whirlpool which made me make a mental note to carry a swimsuit for when I next visit.

I was then led to a parlour where my masseuse first washed and dried my feet. Once under the towel I took in a deep breath and waited for the masseuse to work her magic. 

She started with a light touch with the warmed-up lavender oil before she began working at the knots in my upper back using a firmer pressure. In between the rolling strokes, which I can only assume was done with the masseuse’s forearms, I could feel, and at times even hear, the tiny pops in my back-breaking.  

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An adequate amount of time was spent on my back which I was very grateful for, before she shifted her attention to my lower legs – another part which I knew needed some TLC. Continuing the rolling motions, she worked on my calf muscles and stimulated blood flow by bending my legs at the knees, and I was caught off guard when my right knee let out another loud, yet satisfying pop. 

Silk Spa Treatment Room

It’s usually around the time of any massage that I fall into a deep slumber, but I did not fall asleep this time. I see this as a good thing as I could fully enjoy each part of the massage without worrying about myself letting out that embarrassing loud snore.

At the end, I eagerly awaited one of my favourite parts of every massage – the neck and head massage. It was short but sweet and once the therapist was done, she whispered to me quietly that the session was over and that I could continue relaxing with tea in the relaxation room. 

V hotel spa relaxation room

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Once she was out of the room, I took another deep breath in and allowed another wave of relaxation to roll over me. Bathrobe and fuzzy bathroom slippers on, I headed to the relaxation room where I popped up my feet on the ottoman and covered myself with a soft and light blanket as I sipped on camomile tea.

It’s quiet and I am the only one there at the moment, so I shut my eyes soaking in the peace and quiet. There are apricot and cashews available for bites, and books if you want to further soak in the stillness but alas, I had a lunch reservation to get to.

Once my teapot was over, I changed and headed back to reality, possibly with a bit more of a straighter back and definitely more relaxed.

The spa is open daily from 9am to 9pm, and bookings can be made here.   

Silk Spa, Al Habtoor City, Sheikh Zayed Road, open daily 9am to 9pm. Tel: (0)4 435 5500.

Images: Habtoor City