The magic words are visa-free travel…

If you still haven’t planned out your winter/new year/festive fun vacation, and are looking for some tripspo, ideas to spark some imagination in your burnt-out, end-of-the-year brain or simply a sign from the divine powers that be that yes, you should go on holiday, consider this just that. Consider Kenya, because they have just introduced visa free travel…

Kenya callin’

Sunny, stunning Kenya will be opening visa-free travel for all incoming tourists very shortly, and by shortly, we mean as soon as January of 2024, as reported in Gulf News. The announcement was made by Kenyan President William Ruto during the celebration of Jamhuri Day, or Independence Day, on Tuesday this week in Nairobi, the capital city.


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The President stated that all foreign nationals will be able to enter the country without a visa come 2024, which means that Kenya will be a visa-free country and if you were planning to visit this gorgeous East African nation, you will have visa woes no more.

It’s a small, stunning world

In order to implement this visa-free policy, a digital platform will be put in place to ensure that all travellers to the country will be identified and verified in advance and will be granted an electronic travel authorisation instead. This visa-free policy has been implemented by the government in order to boost the growth of tourism and borderless commerce.

There’s a wealth of bush, beach and natural beauty to explore in Kenya, a beautiful nation full of rolling savannahs and home to an incredibly diverse, abundant wildlife. The Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of the world’s few sweeping natural locations, a hotbed of wildlife conversation and a concentration of culture, heritage and

The coastal areas of the country are equally as captivating, and so is the Great Rift Valley – a colossal depth fashioned out of millions of years of movements in the tectonic plates. Think dramatic cliffs, expansive vistas and lakes.

Happy travels!

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