A new level of adrenaline rush…

You’ll have to head over to Ras Al Khaimah for this one, but if you’re up to doing something like this, a drive to Ras Al Khaimah would hardly be a problem for you. The UAE’s first commercial aerobatic flight has been launched in Ras Al Khaimah and it looks like something James Bond would ride into battle in.

The thrilling experience will take you on flights of up to 400 km/hr and altitudes of a whopping 2,000 to 6,000 feet, to witness visuals you just won’t find anywhere else – stunning, sweeping, 360-degree panoramic views of the coastline, desert and mountains, basically all the landforms in the country.

The flight manoeuvres includes loops, rolls, vertical climbs, hammer heads, avalanches, and inverted flights – a real G-force experience, complete with face pulling and G-force between +4, or four times the force of gravity and -2, which gives the sensation of weightlessness.

Flights will take off from RAK International Airport, and will cover the coastline between Marjan Island, Cove Rotana and Al Rams depending on Air Traffic Control instructions. The aircraft in use is the EXTRA 330 aircraft, called ‘the Ferrari of the skies’

These aircrafts are typically seen competing in the Red Bull Air race championship and are specifically designed for advanced competition aerobatics. They have a certified load factor limitations of plus and minus 10G.

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If you’re convinced…

Prices for the experience start at Dhs2,399. The flight lasts about 20 minutes but the complete experience from start to finish, including pick-up to drive to the airport, flight briefing and flight suit fitting, will last about three hours.

Flights start taking off at 7am with the last departure at 5pm. Before you begin the flight you’ll receive a full briefing by the pilot and then you’ll be fitted with a flight suit and headset/helmet before boarding.

For more information and to book the experience, head to @actionflight.ae.

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