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If you’re planning to pay a visit to the neighbours any time soon, we have some good news for you. A new bus route has been launched between the UAE and Oman by Oman’s national transport company Mwasalat, connecting the two countries between Sharjah and Muscat.

The service comes as the result of an agreement signed by Mwasalat and Sharjah’s Roads and Transport Authority, and will operate via Shinas. Travellers can start availing this service from February 27.

There will be four daily trips in total – two originating from each city, and fares start from 10 Omani Riyals, which is Dhs95.40, for a one-way trip, and go up to 29 Omani Riyals or Dhs276.66.

In terms of baggage allowance, travellers are permitted to carry 23kg of check-in baggage and 7kg of hand luggage on the trips.

The first bus from Sharjah will depart at 6.30am from Al Jubail Bus Station and reach Azaiba Bus Station in Muscat at 2.30pm. The second bus will depart from Sharjah at 4pm and arrive in Muscat at 11.50pm.

On the other side, the first bus from Muscat will depart at 6.30am and reach Sharjah at 3.40pm. The second bus will leave Muscat at 4pm and arrive at Al Jubail Bus Station at 1.10am.

More new routes

The long-running bus services between UAE and Oman are a highly popular mode of transportation used by regular travellers who commute between the countries, mostly for how affordable they are compared to air travel.

Due to the pandemic, there was a period of disruption in the services. The launch of a new bus route from Abu Dhabi via Al Ain to Oman last year effectively resumed bus services between the two countries.

Prior to the discontinuation of services, the Mwasalat service also operated between Muscat and Dubai. The services to Dubai are yet to resume since being stopped during the pandemic, but these new routes are a start we like to see.

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