As March comes to a close…

Hang tight, folks – the rain isn’t going anywhere yet. The weekly weather forecast of the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) predicts a probability of rain in scattered areas until Tuesday, March 26 this week. The sky will be cloudy to partly-cloudy for the most part, and there will be a significant decrease in temperatures (fingers crossed – we’re not ready this humidity).

Rainfall at intervals was predicted in the last 10 days of March by local weather expert ‘Storm Centre’ earlier this month, and the immediate forecast for this weekend had shown the probability of light rainfall over Wednesday and Thursday, with fair to partly cloudy with cloudy at times over some Western areas and islands. The temperatures were also expected to drop significantly, with it getting considerably colder over Wednesday and Thursday.


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This week, we may get some showers between today and tomorrow. The weather for Wednesday, March 27, also has a slight chance of rainfall in the morning. Thursday and Friday will be cloudy to partly-cloudy and temperatures might increase slightly.

The past few weeks have been mostly rainy ones, with predictions of rain and actual downpours dominating many a weekend. The latest spate of rain brought heavy showers, hail, floods in some areas and a countrywide shutdown.

When it rains…

Generally during rainfall, motorists are advised by the NCM to stay safe on the roads in affected areas. Drivers have been instructed to drive only when necessary, turn on low-beam headlights when visibility is reduced and keep up to date with the forecasts via official channels.

Keep an eye out and stay safe on the roads out there!


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