This is your cue to try Chinese hotpot…

A noodle soup is everyone’s go-to comfort meal, but the Chinese hotpot takes noodles and broth to a new level. It creates an intimate environment; where you and your loved ones are brought close together around a steaming pot of broth.

Hotpot is the perfect way to share a meal with friends, with the interactive aspect of choosing all your favourite ingredients and cooking it in your broth of choice.

Here are five hotpot spots you and your besties need to try…

Little Lamb Hotpot & BBQ

Rumoured to be one of the best hotpots in Dubai, this restaurant is located in a number of different locations so avid hotpot goers will never be far. In classic hotpot fashion, you can choose the flavour and spicy level of your broth along with all your favourite ingredients. Little Lamb also has a lovely selection of side dishes including scallion pancakes and dumplings as well as main courses like sweet and sour chicken and spicy shrimp.

Little Lamb Hot Pot, multiple locations including Deira, Dubai Marina and Dragon Mart,

Beef King Chinese Hotpot Restaurant

beef king hotpot dubai

The clue is in the name – this hotpot outlet has a large variety of meat to choose from. Pick from beef, lamb, and chicken or even a striploin and ribeye. If you’re not big on meat, there are ample fish and fresh vegetable options, with over five mushrooms to choose from.

Beef King Chinese Hotpot Restaurant, Vista Tower, Barsha Heights Dubai, 11am to 12am daily, Tel: (0)4 533 8689,

Nine Squares

ninestreet hotpot dubai

If you’re a lover of all things spicy and szechwan, then Nine Squares is calling your name. With two broths honouring the love-or-hate numbing sensation, all spice lovers will feel right at home. Nine Squares also has some mild broth options as well as a large variety of noodle shapes. The world is really your oyster with sweet potato noodles, potato noodles, mung bean noodles amongst your classic egg and rice noodles.

Nine Squares, multiple locations in Dubai, Jumeirah and International City,

Fiery Hot Pot Restaurant

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This outlet operates buffet style, with guests being able to pay Dhs69 for an unlimited buffet of options to add to their hotpot, as well as desserts, fruits and drinks. Diners can choose between veg, fish, meat, cooked dishes, and sushi. This hotpot is perfect for large groups, families or individuals who are looking for a cheap and cheerful meal. It’s recommended to reserve a table beforehand, due to its vast popularity.

Fiery Hot Pot restaurant, Umm Hurair 1, Dubai, 1pm to 12am daily, Tel: (0)4 456 9387,

Gulou Hotpot Restaurant

guglandhotpot hotpot dubai

This wholesome and casual dining experience will satisfy all your hotpot needs. With a large variety of ingredients, and renowned for its freindly staff, this restaurant is perfect to catch up with your nearest and dearest over a spicy broth. Gulou is definitely not one to miss when it comes to a hotpot in Dubai.

Gulou Hotpot Restaurant, Barsha, Dubai, 11am to 1am daily, Tel: (0)4 347 8157. 

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