Departures will continue to operate, here’s all you need to know…  

All inbound flights will be diverted elsewhere away from Dubai International Airport (DXB) on the evening of Tuesday, April 16, until further notice. Departures will continue to operate.

The announcement comes as the UAE is witnessing extreme weather conditions, where heavy rain and thunderstorms have taken their toll over the past 24 hours, causing severe flooding up and down the country.

A spokesperson for DXB stated, “Dubai Airports can confirm that due to the continued exceptional weather event currently being experienced in the UAE, Dubai International (DXB) is temporarily diverting inbound flights due to arrive this evening on Tuesday, 16 April until the inclement situation improves. Departures will continue to operate.”

“The airport is working hard with its response teams and service partners to restore normal operations and minimise inconvenience to our customers. We urge guests to check directly with the airline to obtain the latest information on the status of their flight, allow significant extra travel time to the airport and use the Dubai Metro where possible.”

Due to the intense storm, DXB operations were initially suspended for 25 minutes however, shortly after it was announced that all arrivals would be diverted.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) has warned people to stay at home and only leave in cases of “extreme necessity”. Meanwhile, all Dubai schools, public sector employees, and private sector employees have been urged by authorities to work from home for a second day on Wednesday, April 17.

Images: Dubai Airports