Be safe out there folks…

The UAE’s temperature has been somewhat, let’s say ‘temperamental’ over the past few weeks. But it seems like the rain, wind and hail aren’t due for a stage exit just yet.

Today, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has issued a weather ‘advisory’ that “the country will experience convective clouds over coastal areas moving towards Eastern and Western regions associated with rainfall of different intensities, accompanied by lightning and thunder, and a probability of hail in some areas.”

We’ve watched it all unfold of course, anyone that was attempting (and/or succeeding in) the commute to work this morning will have earned themselves a few merit badges.

Will it rain in the UAE tomorrow?

But the warning from the NCM included a forecast that the current inclemency looks almost certain to continue, “from this afternoon to early Wednesday morning … another wave will begin from western areas and spread across scattered areas of the country, where the amounts of convective clouds will increase, associated with rainfall of different intensities, lightning, thunder, and a probability of hail in some areas.”

And then into Wedesday afternoon –the NCM stated that the convective clouds will continue to dominate over coastal areas, which will likely be accompanied by heavy rainfall and then will, with the clouds steadily reducing by noon on Wednesday.

How’s my driving?

That means, staying home if you can, not relying on delivery drivers where possible, and if you do have to go out in the car – driving in line with wet weather condition guidelines (more on that below), and keep an eye on the RTA and ICT social media channels for road closures and alternate routes.

Is it cloud seeding?

It’s certainly not just cloud seeding. The convective clouds that are associated with the sorts of stormy weather we’re facing form entirely naturally.

However we know that the UAE runs cloud seeding operations to enhance predicted rainfall. When we spoke to Mr. Omar Alyazeedi, deputy director of the National Center of Meteorology (NCM), he told What’s On that the UAE carries out approximately 300 cloud seeding missions annually”.

And if you’ve ever wondered what sorts of cloud are the best for seeding? Alyazeedi explains “while not all types of clouds respond equally to cloud seeding, cumuliform clouds such as cumulus clouds with a heaped shape and strong updraft at their bases are generally considered the most responsive to cloud seeding efforts.”

For more information on cloud seeding, check out our complete guide to the UAE’s best efforts in ‘making it rain’.

What has the KHDA said?

The body concerned with the regulation of private education in Dubai, the KHDA has issued a notice to all non-state run schools, nurseries and universities that they must offer distance learning on Wednesday, April 17.

This follows on from yesterday’s announcement which issued the same directive for today.

The message shared on X, reads…

For more information on private and public sector worker advisories, check here

Sunny skies are not far away

We probably won’t have to wait too long for normal service to resume. The NCM bulletin for Thursday and Friday includes such encouraging language as “an increase in temperatures” and “fair in general”

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