Gourmet bites and sips await…

Chef Izu Ani has quite the reputation in the city. His portfolio includes many locations across Dubai, with restaurants, beach clubs and most recently, the man has dipped his toes and knives into the world of fast food with the brand-new Izu Burger. Dirty burgers, clean ingredients, as the punchy tagline says.

The brand itself is not new – the burgers were available on Deliveroo prior to the opening of the physical location – so there isn’t much to be said about the stars themselves. It’s fast food, but it’s gourmet fast food, and in true diner style, it’ll be out of the kitchen and on your tables before you know it.

Located in Box Park, the new venue is just what an elevated fast food outpost should look like. It’s sleek, but not too sleek, lest it loses the charm of fast, easy dining, and it’s a small, cosy space inside, with a big seating area outside.

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The jars of pickled varieties and the merch hanging in clear view make it more casual still. The signage is very quintessential American fast food chain, with that lettering we all recognise and tiles indicating the offerings above the counter, the high stools facing the glass walls and the open kitchen view.

The food is everyone’s fast food favourites – burgers, fries, milkshakes – but done a little better, a little different. The menu features things like wagyu burgers, truffle fries and passion fruit cheesecake milkshakes, so you get the picture. A twinge of gourmet. Just half a pinky stuck out.

The outpost is now open to the public and welcomes you to come and have a taste of what they have to offer. There’s many burger varieties to choose from, including chicken and beef options, and different iterations of fries and starters, and great drinks and desserts, for a memorable fast food experience.

Izu Burger, Box Park, Dubai, daily, 11am to 12am, @izuburger

Images: Supplied