Avoid the rain, stay at home…

This weekend we had so many plans that were just not meant to be. If you’re ready and willing to brave the storm, there are still 8 incredibly fun things to get up to in the city, and if you’re deciding to stay home then you’re in luck Dubai, because there are loads of ways to keep busy and have fun in the comfort of your own home.

Here are 6 fun things to do at home here in Dubai if you’re avoiding the weather. 

Order in some popcorn… If it’s safe

Vox Popcorn

You can have a movie night in, cinema popcorn and all. With your favourite delivery app, search for Vox Cinemas and have the perfect combo of a large popcorn, supreme nachos and a large drink delivered to your home for as little as Dhs26.

Order from Vox Cinemas on all food delivery platforms. 

Bust out the old board games

This might be an obvious option, and for some, it might be more difficult to find board games lying about the house than for others. But thankfully Dubai has plenty of incredible board game cafes, where you can also purchase the board games you play. So before the rain gets to us, head to Back To Games in Town Square Center and pick up some fun games to play while you wait for the weather to pass.

Visit an escape room… Sort of

GAME OVER Escape Rooms

Dubai is full of plenty of incredible escape rooms to check out, and while it makes for a great indoor activity, if you’re trying to avoid the roads, don’t worry because there are plenty of fun virtual escape rooms that you can compete in, in the comfort of your own home.

theescapegame.com /  escapelive.co.uk

Spring (not so much) cleaning


Look, we know it sounds like a boring suggestion but there is something cathartic about cleaning up and cleaning out. And thankfully in Dubai, there are so many wonderful places where you can donate your preloved clothing to. This means you’ll be decluttering your life, and then hopefully brightening someone else’s day.

Get your art on

There’s something about being creative that is not only rewarding but therapeutic, as well. If you don’t have art supplies such as paint and brushes, a canvas, or other crafty items, don’t worry. artme ceramics will send it all to you wrapped up carefully in a box. It comes with a palette, different paint brushes of varying bristle sizes, paint tubes and different ceramics you can paint. You can reach out to the team on @artme_ae to book your box.

Catch up on some podcasts

While you’re tidying up, having a go at baking or cooking, or maybe just relaxing on the couch – why not learn something new while you do so? Learn about Dubai and the people and places in the city with a fun and engaging podcast from the people right here in our city. We even have our own What’s On podcast if you’d like to listen.

Images: Social, Unsplash and supplied