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One thing is for sure – the world of alternative wellness is pushing the boundaries, on every front. Not just in the form of therapy, but also the elements incorporated, the techniques utilised, the science science-d. We’ve seen pretty much all there is to see, from vampire blood facials to moon crystals-esque sound healing and snails crawling all over your face. It’s wild and it’s so fascinating; such is the quest for beauty and vitality.

Taking it up a notch in a different direction, temperature treatments are hardly novel, but challenging still. Using heat and cold to manipulate our physiological chemistry to our advantage is incredible and for those looking to buy into this trend, there is no shortage of such treatments in Dubai.

Ice bath at Contrast Wellness

The prospect of sitting in a tub full of water hitting single-digit temperatures may be daunting, but believe it or not, mere mortals like us have been practicing this therapy for centuries. The benefits of an ice bath are plenty – it’s great for minimizing inflammation to build the immune, lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems, enhance your mood, relax and rejuvenate your muscles and help improve your sleep quality.

The Greeks and the Egyptians from thousands of years ago have been there, done that, so it’s tried and tested for you to just jump in and enjoy. At Contrast Wellness in City Walk, you can bring a friend with you (so you don’t suffer alone, obviously) and take the icy plunge. The temperature can be adjusted according to how far deep you are in the ice bath universe, so it’s truly tailored for you.

Contrast Wellness. City Walk, daily, 7am to 10pm, Dhs95 + 65 for 3o min session, Tel: (0) 50 521 8044, @contrastwellness 

Moxibustion at TCM Shanghai


This traditional Chinese heat therapy taps into our Qi – vital energy that flows through certain channels in our body. Moxibustion involves the burning of special dried plant products and materials on or very close to the surface of the skin. Made from Chinese mugwort, this plant stuff is called moxa.

Although relatively less popular, moxabustion is said to treat a number of issues, such as pain due to ailments like arthritis, digestive problems and immunity boosting against cold and flu strains. The patient must first go through a screening to determine whether they are suitable for this therapy, and which points require the positive effects, with sessions usually lasting 10-30 minutes.

TCM Shanghai 37b Street, Villa 1, Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim,

Cryotherapy at Resync


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This is perhaps the most extreme form of temperature therapy out there. Cryotherapy works by tricking your body into believing that you are in a situation of danger from extreme cold, and that activates the blood circulation and metabolism to protect the core temperature from dropping. This process helps with muscle pain, inflammation, and a boost in collagen production – all great things.

Inside the cryochamber, the temperature drops to -110 degrees celsius, enriched by oxygen in a 3-minute session that will be over before you know it. Play your favourite music and relax as the super safe chamber does the work for you. Once you step out, you’ll be sure to feel that high of endorphins.

Resync, DIFC, Dubai, daily, 8am to 9pm, Dhs350 for one session, Tel: (0) 56 992 8118, @resyncme 

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