Sherlock Holmes-ing a little bit…

Something exciting could be cooking on the Coca-Cola Arena stage, and we’re sniffing out what it is for you. The latest proposition is that Latin megastar and everyone’s hypothetical boyfriend from the 2000s Enrique Iglesias may be performing in Dubai very soon. Why we think that, we’ll break it down for you here.

This morning, the Coca-Cola Arena Instagram page posted a story with the darkened silhouette of an artist with some groovy Latin music in the background and the promise of a new artist announcement on Monday, May 27, at 8am sharp.

Of course, this shadow must be the new musician they’re referring to, and after careful examination and plenty of staring at the image trying to dissect every curve of the outline, we think it’s the Spanish singer-songwriter. The cap and hair combination is the biggest tell, a signature look of the crooner, but we also did some sleuthing.

Iglesias is on tour right now and analysis of photos and videos of his concerts tells us the aggressive mic hold in the shadowy image of the Instagram story could very well be his. The biggest giveaway though, is the caption on the story – ‘Could it be your hero?’

Ring any bells? In one of Iglesias’ biggest and most successful smash hits, Hero, released in 2001 as part of his second English language studio album, Escape, he serenades I can be your hero, baby…need we say more? All the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, and our money is on the Spaniard. Of course, we’ll only know for sure when the official announcement is made come Monday, so stay tuned for that.

The Coca-Cola calendar

But wait – there’s more (we’re in Dubai after all). Another throwback icon, British singer-songwriter James Blunt will be performing at the Coca-Cola Arena on today, Friday, May 24.  Tickets are priced from Dhs150 and can be purchased here.

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For the truly niche, Hans Zimmer will be joined on stage by his 45-piece world-class band including Tina Guao on the cello, Pedro Eustache on the winds, and many of the vocal artists from the original soundtracks on May 31 and April 1 to keep up with the ticket demands. Purchase it on and Prices start from Dhs299.

Jason Derulo is scheduled to perform on June 15. Tickets start from Dhs199 for the Bronze and the Regular Standing category. Silver is at Dhs245, the Golden Circle at Dhs299, Diamond at Dhs399, and Diamond with meet and greet at Dhs999. American rapper Macklemore will now be performing in Dubai on Friday, October 4 at the Coca-Cola Arena. Tickets are on sale now via the here website, priced from Dhs199.

For the full list of upcoming performances in the city, read here


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