Up to Dhs50,000 in fines could be charged for multiple violations…

The UAE has announced the yearly midday work ban for outdoor workers, which will be imposed from June 15. Imposed every year, it’s a crucial measure to protect the health and safety of outdoor workers as temperatures rise and the sweltering heat takes over.

With the piercing sunlight and peak humidity during the midday hours in summer, spending time outdoors is not advisable due to occupational hazards and injuries from the heat, and violation of the rule will lead employers to be fined Dhs5,000 per worker.

The midday work ban is issued under the directive of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE), with this year being the 20th consecutive year.

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As per the rule, outdoor workers are required to take a daily break from 12pm to 3pm, during the hottest part of the day, until September 15.

How will the rule be enforced?

During this period, companies and employers are mandated to provide their outdoor workers with shaded areas where they can rest, relax and hide from the sun, as well as cooling equipment to bring the temperatures down, hydration and first-aid.

How the government aims to ensure that the rule is being followed is through site visits, inspection tours and encouraging citizens who notice violations to report them through the call center, website, and mobile app.

Of course, the fines will also do the job, but the government will also raise awareness by visiting workers and employers, educating them on why the midday break is important for the health and safety of the workers in this difficult weather and conduct campaigns to raise awareness.


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