Look Mom, I’m on TV…

…is what you will feel like at Quiz Room. This brand new, immersive entertainment game show experience takes the art of quiz night and turns it into our reality TV star dreams. We’ve all grown up watching game shows like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right and more. Well, now, you can be in one.

The Quiz Room concept draws from the trivia style experience, where you can participate with friends, family and colleagues and go head to head for laughs. All you have to do is form a team, grab a podium and press the buzzer to answer the questions, just like you would in a real game show.

quiz room

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The recreation goes as far as the decor as well, with the room you’d be playing in resembling a stage. Desks equipped with buzzers for quick responses and voice-over animation are arranged in a circle. You can choose to play solo or in a team, and answer musical or otherwise questions about varied topics, using common sense and general knowledge.

What’s On the program?

There’s two types of quizzes – the normal ones and the musical ones. The fun, tactical and offbeat version, the normal quiz is a question-answer game. Watch out for trump cards and jokers who will shake up the game and add some spice. The music quizzes are hour-long games packed with belting out songs, naming artists, finishing lyrics and dancing to tunes.

The best part is that it’s all fun and games, with no rude eliminations. The game is in good fun, and a great chance to build connections and have a good time while keeping the peace. You can have up to 18 people in the game and children 8 and above are also welcome to enjoy the experience.

quiz room

The prices

One hour of games is equivalent to two sessions of 30 minutes, and priced at Dhs130 per person for weekdays, and Dhs150 per person for weekends, for a group of 7-18 people. Pay Dhs140 per person for weekdays, and Dhs160 per person on weekends, for a group of 4-6 people. A third session of 30 minutes can be added for Dhs60 per person.

There are some rules…

A game requires a minimum of four people but if your gang is smaller, you can play in dedicated sessions and timing called ‘The Social Quiz’.
The rooms can accommodate up to 18 people, but if your gang is larger, between 18 and 54, people, a tournament can be organised – two sessions of 30 minutes each, with the second session being the small, middle, and big finales, followed by a prize-giving ceremony.

The experience will be opening officially on the June 28, 2024. For more information, visit quiz-room.ae.

Quiz Room, coming Jun 28, 2024, @quiz_room_ae

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