We’re hitting brand new milestones at incredible speeds…

If you’ve been following whatson.ae, you’d have read that UAE’s pioneering vertiport successfully conducted vertical take-off and landing at the Yas Marina Circuit, only weeks ago. Now, another massive step has been taken towards the UAE’s futuristic vision, with the successful completion of the Middle East’s first passenger-carrying drone trial at Abu Dhabi Mobility Week.

Stunning, isn’t it? The exercise involved a small-sized drone capable of carrying two passengers for up to a distance of 35km. Also trialled was a larger drone capable of seating five passengers, and capable of travelling a distance of over 250km with a load of 350kg.

In just 40 minutes, the drone travelled a distance of 123km…which works out to a speed of about 185km/h.

Future plans include the local manufacture of drone parts such as motors and batteries, in a strategic push to develop these materials in the UAE and export them globally.

Fast, sustainable transport solutions are quickly gaining momentum in the UAE. Only days ago, we learned that Dubai is expected to have flying taxis from 2026, and Ras Al Khaimah could follow only a year later.

Eyes up to the skies…

Media: Instagram, What’s On archive