It’s solid crystal, half a metre high, and is probably the most Dubai way to keep up your daily water intake.

As far as water bottles go, this won’t be the kind you can easily slip into your bag en route to your post-work gym session.

But when it comes to quenching your thirst with style, you probably won’t find anything to beat this ambitious new creation.

Tayseer Hadi, an inventor from Denmark, hopes to introduce a line of luxury Burj Khalifa-shaped water bottles into the UAE ahead of Dubai’s Expo 2020.

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Not only will the 50cm-high creation be crafted entirely from K9 crystal, it will also come encrusted with LED lights at the base to give it an otherworldly blue glow.

A 750ml container will set you back Dhs700, Hadi estimated, and revealed inspiration first struck while he was dining at The Dubai Mall in 2013.

“I was sitting in a restaurant wondering why we’re drinking Voss water, Evian water. Why doesn’t Dubai have a water that represents Dubai?” he told the Khaleej Times.

“It suddenly hit me that I’d make a water in the shape of the Burj Khalifa.”

Due to its unique form, it took almost three years for Hadi to find a manufacturer willing to turn his vision into a reality.

He is now planning to launch Burj Khalifa Water at a charity event, where he will auction off one platinum and diamond and three solid gold versions of the bottle.

Hadi will also give 2.5 per cent of proceeds from the sale of the 750ml bottle to his self-founded charity, Emirates Noble Palms.

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