It’s only a couple of months away now…

As part of Dubai Parks & Resorts, a mega complex on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai border, everyone’s favourite plastic brick theme park Legoland is set to open on October 31.

Ahead of the opening, one of the most highly anticipated models in Miniland has been announced – the world renowned Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

For something that resides in Miniland, it’s big. Very big. It took over 536,292 Lego bricks to complete and over 6,300 hours.

legoland mosque

Man’s head for scale.

Oh, and it weighs 1,323 kilograms. That’s more than a Nissan Sunny.

It wasn’t just one dude sat in a dark room building it either. The Lego rendition of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque took a team of six builders to complete.

legoland mosque

Some serious Lego-ing.

Miniland will be situated at the heart of Legoland and will feature famous landmarks from the region for visitors to check out.

One of which we know is the recently completed Taj Mahal (which wasn’t mini either), which was unveiled on August 15 for Indian Independence Day.

legoland dubai

In total, Legoland will feature 15,000 Lego models, made up of over 60 million Lego bricks. (Have you seen the Lego Dragon yet? That’s pretty neat).

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When finished, the park will have over 40 interactive rides, attractions and shows over six themed areas – Lego City, Factory, Imagination, Kingdoms, Adventure and Miniland.

legoland dubai

The doors to Legoland Dubai as well as Legoland Water Park along with the rest of Dubai Parks and Resorts are looking to open on October 31.

It will be the largest integrated theme park in the region, made up of the two Legolands, Motiongate Dubai (a Hollywood-themed park) and Bollywood Parks. All of which are connected by retail, dining and entertainment walkway Riverland Dubai.

We’re not joking about the ‘largest’ part either – the Dhs13.2 billion development is spread across 30.6 million square feet of land on Sheikh Zayed Road opposite The Palm Jebel Ali.

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Images: Supplied