While not as fast as some of the fleet’s supercars, they will be a whole lot greener…

The Dubai Police fleet reads like a laundry list some of the most desirable automobiles on the planet, boasting everything from a Bugatti Veyron and a Ferrari FF to an actual armoured tank. Ok, so that last one’s not exactly a luxury car, but it’s still pretty darn cool.

The latest addition to the impressive roster comes in the form of the sizably smaller, and far less petrol-hungry BMW i3.

The rear-wheel-drive hatchback has a fully electric drivetrain, outputting zero emissions, and while its top speed of 150km per hour means it won’t be the first choice in a high-speed chase down Sheikh Zayed Road, it is overall much better for the environment.

The new car was unveiled yesterday at an event in DIFC, where it was announced by Energy Minister Suhail Al-Mazrouei that the UAE aims to have 10 per cent of the total number of government vehicles be made up of electric cars. This is part of a plan to reduce overall carbon dioxide emissions by 15 per cent by 2021.

In a bid to make the whole city more electric-friendly, the RTA announced earlier this year that they had committed to buying 200 cars from American electric car manufacturer Tesla to be used as part of the Dubai Taxi fleet.

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Image: Sam Wilkin/Bloomberg