They put the note on the door of almost all of the 579 apartments…

It has been just under two weeks since a fire broke out at the 96-storey Torch Tower in Dubai Marina late on a Thursday night (there was a fire in the same building in 2015), and the residents whose apartments are livable have now returned.

But before they came back, Dubai Civil Defence and the firefighters who fought the blaze put a welcome note on the door on the bulk of the 579 apartments before the residents returned. You can see them doing so here (click to play):

Speaking of Torch Tower residents, remember this cat?

You can read all about how he was reunited with his owner (and see how he’s doing now) here.

Worried about your safety in the case of a fire? The Civil Defence have released this video detailing what you should do in the case of an emergency:

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And the welcome notes weren’t the only community initiative from Dubai Civil Defence this week – the emergency responders have also been handing out juice, ice cream and cold water to Dubai’s workers and drivers throughout the summer….

Speaking of Dubai firefighters, let’s not forget this beautiful moment, which happened earlier this year:

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Photos: Dubai Civil Defence/Instagram