Update April 1, 2020: The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has now lifted the requirement for Move permits to be issued for essential travel during the nightly curfew. But warns those found traveling for nonurgent reasons will still face fines.

The UAE’s nationwide disinfection programme has been extended for another week, with Dubai residents urged to stay indoors from 8pm until 6am each night.

While the sterilisation is taking place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, public transport is halted and movement on the streets is restricted.

The curfew requires all residents to stay at home, but there are some exceptions: those who are working in vital roles; in cases of emergency; or if you need to buy essential items, such as groceries or medicines.

To ensure everyone abides by the new rules, police are patrolling the streets and speed cameras have been adjusted to capture footage of any vehicles that are on the roads during curfew.

If you do need to leave the house for any reason, you must now register for a permit in advance. If you are caught on the streets without a valid permit, you may be fined Dhs3,000.

During the nightly curfew, Dubai residents should register for the permit via movepermit.gov.ae/permits.

After entering your mobile number, you’ll receive a one-time password via SMS. You then enter your name and ID details, nationality and occupation.

Next, you have to select the reason why you want to leave from a list that includes: food and medicine stores; buying necessities; medical visit; logistics support personal; and medical staff, among others.

You then enter your car’s plate details, your location and where you plan to go, and the date and time of travel.

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For Abu Dhabi residents, register for a Movement Permit at adpolice.gov.ae.


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Please note the official recommendation is to stay at home at all hours – not just during the Dubai’s nightly curfew –although there are exemptions for those employed in vital fields, buying essentials or attending medical appointments.