Ditch the PJs and stay away from the television, for starters…

Whether you’re a student starting online classes next week or your office has started working from home as a precaution against the coronavirus in the UAE, it is vital to make the most of your day.

These seven tips will help keep you happy, healthy and productive while working from home…

Wake up at your normal time

It’s important to have a schedule to help maintain a work-life balance when you’re working at home. If you treat this quarantine like a holiday, it’s easy to fall into a lethargic pattern and from there it can be difficult to meet deadlines. If you continue to wake up at your normal time and follow your everyday routine, it’ll be easier to focus and complete your work. Use the time you’d usually spend commuting to squeeze in a quick workout…

Stay active and eat well


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While we’re all practicing social distancing, it’s time to find new ways to stay active indoors. Try to incorporate short exercise routines into your day – these Dubai gyms are offering virtual workouts you can do in your living room. Stock your kitchen with healthy snacks including fresh fruits and muesli bars to avoid the temptation of crisps and chocolates, and have a scheduled lunch break with a proper meal.

Ditch the pajamas

When you’re waking up, going to work, relaxing and going to bed all in the same place it can be very tempting to stay in your pajamas all day – but any freelancer will tell you that’s a slippery slope to underperforming. That’s not to say you have to suit up completely, but by changing into regular clothes and keeping your standard hygiene routine (now is definitely not the time to be skipping showers!), you’ll feel fresh and ready to face the day.

Plan virtual breaks with workmates

Humans are a social bunch, so it’s important not to isolate yourself entirely during this period of isolation. One of the main things we miss when working remotely is the chance to bounce ideas off our colleagues, so to keep the conversation flowing, check in via group chats throughout the day to download and share ideas.

Make a schedule for your day

Without those natural ebbs and flows of conversation and meetings in the office, a full day’s work at home can seem to drag on indefinitely. To help bring some structure to your day, create a timetable and assign a task or project to each hour. Not only will this make you more efficient in what you’re doing, but it also makes it considerably easier to incorporate those vital breaks into your day ­– and account for your time, should your boss request a rundown.

Separate your workspace from your relaxation zone

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A lot of people fall into the trap of working in their bedrooms, or on the couch in front of the TV. When you’re trying to get into office mode in an area you normally associate with relaxation or fun, you can quickly get driven to distraction. Try to find a neutral territory in your home, such as the kitchen table or even the balcony, where you can work without the allure of a nap or Netflix.

And, most importantly, keep calm

Don’t let fear about Covid-19 distract you from what you are doing. Try to make the most of this time of bunkering down, to reset and spend time with those who matter most.

Words: Jessica Cullen