From hosting weekly IGTV talks on important issues to simple DIY ideas…

Creativity comes in many forms such as cooking, baking, singing, playing a musical instrument and of course – there’s the arts. Since each one of us is unique, we all gather inspiration in different ways – be it a walk in the park, a coffee with friends, or a visit to an art gallery.

However, at a time when the world is forced indoors to practice physical distancing, the question for creatives is, “what does one do when the creativity dries up in self-isolation?”

Enter Tashkeel.

Translated from Arabic, Tashkeel means “forming” or “shaping” and this is exactly what this Dubai-based art and design organisation is doing to help the community during these times.

The organisation has gone online and is hosting stimulating conversation with local artists and designers asking them questions about their techniques and practices and tapping into their sources of inspiration during self-isolation.

The talks are 20-minute long and while you can join in and listen to them live and ask your own questions, you can also catch the videos after the live session is over.

They talks are held every Wednesday on InstagramTV @TashkeelStudio with a different topic each week. Expect topics such as mental health, artist resources, and more every Wednesday until May 6, 2020. You can even catch the talks on their YouTube account here.


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But that’s not all Taskheel is doing for the art community during this time. If you want to get artsy, you can also find simple ideas to get creative using everyday household items, learn from and get cooking tips from members of the art community.


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