Get your washing and recycling done in one go…

Whilst most of us have been staying at home during lockdown, we’ve had plenty of time to tackle the chores. But if you could do with a ‘load’ off your shoulders, get your washing done by a Dubai laundry service and they’ll collect your recycling for free.

In aid of ‘World Earth Day’ on April 22, when you place a laundry order through the Washmen app, at a minimum of Dhs45, leave your paper and plastic recyclables by the door, to be collected free of charge.

That’s not all, either. If you order food delivery via Deliveroo Editions on April 22, you’ll receive a free basil seed jar, to grow your own basil or tomato in your own home. Available whilst stocks last.

Deliveroo Editions restaurants include Hippy Deli, Peach’s Nu-TRAY-tious, BR8-Bright Healthy Bowls, Pinza, Bowlful, PUNS- Crispy Sandwiches, Oishii Ramen Bar, Cha Cha Woo, Sohm, s’wish and lots more.

Of the eco-conscious initiatives, Washmen stated that their recycling program is a proactive effort from the company to achieve a net zero balance on plastic consumption”.

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They added that they are “dedicated to recycling not only the plastic they generate, but also anything else their customers may have consumed from elsewhere”.

Recycling collection is available only with Washmen laundry orders and not with Deliveroo orders. Laundry orders must cost a minimum of Dhs45 and only paper and plastic recyclables will be accepted.

Glass and food waste, or recyclables that have been contaminated with food waste will not be collected, so you’ll have to sort your own bottles out, we’re afraid.

Washmen operate in most areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Washmen, free recycling with an order of laundry on April 22. Tel: (04) 558 8191.

Images: Provided