From healthy snacks to delicious sweet treats…

This year, the holy month of Ramadan is no doubt, different to usual. But while we may not be able to celebrate in grand iftar tents, or invite the whole family over, we can still send out some love to our family and friends through some amazing gifts.

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Sugargram Ramadan 2020 box

They may be small, but these Sugargram cupcakes are packed with deliciousness. Flavours in the Ramadan edition box include saffron, date, coffee, karak chai and the go-to drink for the month – Vimto. You can order a box of 25 tiny cupcakes for Dhs125, or a sleeve of five for Dhs30, via ChatFood (with a minimum order of Dhs60), or on Deliveroo.

Sugargram, Dhs125 for 25 cupcakes, Dhs 30 for 5 cupcakes, order via ChatFood (Dhs60 minimum order) or on Deliveroo. @sugargram_me


BloomingBox has launched the perfect collection for the holy month containing Arabic delights such as Emirati dates, baklava cake, umm ali cheesecake and many more. You can even add on additional gifts such as a copy of the Holy Quran (available in extravagant colours), an incense stand, essential oils and more.

BloomingBox, order on @bloomingboxme

Scoopie Cafe

Screaming for ice-cream this Ramadan? Dubai-based gourmet ice cream cafe, Scoopie Cafe will deliver your loved ones a range of their wide offerings of ice creams. They will arrive in cute mason jars and just for the holy month, if you order four scoops you will get one free. There are 12 flavours available such as vanilla and banana, Nutella and strawberry, saffron pistachio, lotus, and more. Each jar is priced at Dhs35.

Scoopi Cafe, Dhs35 per jar, to place your orders call 052-804 7935. @ScoopiCafe

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Yamanote Atelier

Homegrown Japanese bakery and cafe, Yamanote Atelier has launched a variety of Ramadan boxes and drinks created by their team of Japanese chefs. You can opt for savory minis or the sweet minis and there’s also a light snack box which contains a selection of mini sandwiches. They have some cool drinks you need to try, too which will cost you Dhs52 for a one-litre bottle.
Yamanote Atelier, prices vary, order on or on Tel: (052) 1275 210

London Dairy Cafe

London Dairy Cafe is offering a range of specially-made cakes this Ramadan – a perfect gift for your family and friends. The treats include an indulgent gateau for one, priced from Dhs40, impressive ice cream cakes for the whole family, priced at Dhs225, or traditional milk cakes, priced from Dhs30. Gifting for the whole family? Send them a batch of four ultra-moist milk cakes, with flavours including pistachio and special pink-rose creation, priced at Dhs120 for four as part of a special Ramadan deal.

London Dairy Cafe, prices vary, order on Deliveroo. 

Sugarfied & Co.

Sugarfied & Co. have created a fun ‘DIY Sugarfied Treats Kit’ that’s fun for the full family. The kit will include ingredients and instructions for top-selling Sugarfied treats, plus gloves and necessary sanitization items. You can order from three variations on their website here. They cost just Dhs40.

Sugarfied & Co., Dhs40 for the DIY meal kit, order on

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