Here’s everything you need to know…

In the ongoing efforts to combat the spread of Covid-19, there have been a lot of new rules to follow in Dubai recently. On April 24, it was announced that restrictions would start to be eased, albeit with strict measures in place.

If you feel a bit confused, we’ve put together a list of 10 rules you need to remember as Dubai eases Covid-19 restrictions…

1. Face masks

Protective face masks must be worn at all times when not in your own home. Those found to be in violation of this rule face a fine of up to Dhs1,000.

2. National Sterilisation Programme

Whilst the city’s National Sterilisation Programme is still ongoing from the hours of 10pm to 6am, Dubai residents are now allowed to leave their homes between 6am and 10pm.

3. Permits

Dubai residents no longer need to apply for a permit to leave their residences, however they are encourage to still only leave for essentials and exercise. Residents must not leave their homes between 10pm and 6am.

4. Transport

The city’s transport links are back up and running, as of April 26. The public will be able to use the Dubai Metro, buses and taxis, however strict social-distancing measures must be adhered to at all times and masks must be worn. Paid parking has been reinstated.

5. Work

Dubai’s work offices and buildings are allowed to reopen, however, a maximum capacity of 30 per cent of staff are permitted in each office. The rest are to continue working from home. Strict sanitary measures are to be followed.

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6. Exercise

Exercise outdoors is now permitted, within a one to two hour window. You may exercise with members of your family, with no more than three people. Masks must be worn at all times.

7. Social gatherings

Due to Ramadan starting on April 24, small social gatherings between family members are permitted, with no more than five people. Those doing so are urged not to shake hands or hug members of another household.

8. Bars and restaurants

Dubai’s bars and restaurants are now allowed to open, and are permitted to serve food and soft drinks, however they must not exceed their capacity of guests more than 30 per cent. Tables must be two metres apart.

9. Salons and barbershops

A relief for many, Dubai’s salons and barber shops are reopen, for hair and nail services only. Advance bookings only are permitted and social distancing rules must be observed.

10. Shopping malls

Shopping malls are now allowed to open daily from midday until 10pm. Capacity for malls and shopping centres is capped at 30 per cent, and people aged three to 12, or 60 and above, are not currently allowed to enter.

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