Sheikh Hamdan has directed 50 per cent to return from this Sunday…

Earlier this week, capacities for offices in Dubai were lifted from 30 per cent to 50 per cent. Now, as Dubai residents begin to adjust to a new normal, we may all be back at our desks sooner rather than later.

HH Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, has issued a directive to all government employees. Starting this Sunday, May 31, 50 per cent of public sector staff will resume work in the office. Two weeks later, on June 14, 100 per cent of government employees will be back in the workplace.

Sheikh Hamdan made the announcement yesterday, saying “the decision is part of the Government of Dubai’s comprehensive plan to restore normalcy in the emirate while also ensuring all precautionary and preventive measures outlined by health authorities are stringently implemented,” according to Dubai Media Office.

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“In the past months, the Dubai government has proven its full capability to work remotely, within smart environments that rely on highly efficient technologies and infrastructure. None of the vital services were affected despite the precautionary measures and movement restrictions imposed,” he said.

“Our investments in the future paid off sooner than expected. It is reassuring to know we’re heading in the right direction.”

Some Dubai government employees will be allowed to continue working remotely. These include pregnant women, the elderly, employees with underlying health conditions, and people of determination.

The news comes as restrictions continue to ease across Dubai. Shopping malls can now operate at 70 per cent capacity, and cinemas and gyms have reopened.

In the private sector, offices can currently operate at 50 per cent, with strict safety measures in place.

Image: Unsplash