News sites around the world are celebrating the charity milestone…

The world’s tallest building has become a sign of hope and goodwill across the globe, as news spreads about the Burj Khalifa’s inspiring charity drive.


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Aptly named the ‘World’s Tallest Donation Box’, the initiative was launched on May 3, in collaboration with the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI). The quest was part of the ’10 million meals’ community campaign, which is running throughout Ramadan.

In just one week, Burj Khalifa succeeded in its bid to become the world’s tallest donation box, selling every one of its 1.2 million lights for charity. Each external light was ‘sold’ for Dhs10, enough to buy one meal for a person in need.

A message on the Burj Khalifa Instagram account reads: “Together, we lit up 1.2 million lights, sharing our message of hope to the world and achieving the impossible.”

News channels and social media sites have shared videos and images of the Burj Khalifa reaching the massive milestone.

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International news agency Reuters said, “The world’s tallest building, Dubai’s 828-metre Burj Khalifa, has become a glowing charity donation box, raising money for food for United Arab Emirates residents suffering the economic impact of the new coronavirus pandemic.

“Each of the tower’s 1.2 million external lights was ‘sold’ for 10 dirhams (US$2.70), enough to buy one meal. As donations came in, the tower ‘filled up’, and people could also bid to claim the light at the very top.”

Global news sites shared the achievement, with publications from as far afield as Australia, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Morocco and the United States celebrating the success.

Image: Reuters