It might surprise you to learn about these restricted activities in Dubai…

While Dubai authorities have been gradually lifting many of the city’s Covid-19 restrictions, there are some major activities that are still banned.

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This week, we’ve seen Dubai water parks get the green light to reopen, and the restrictions that applied to children and over 60s get lifted – but we’re not entirely out of the woods yet. So, before you go and throw that post-Covid party at home, it’s worth familiarising yourself with the following list.

According to the latest memo from Dubai Economy, dated June 17, these activities are still off-limits in Dubai:

  • Social gatherings, parties and events, including exhibitions, concerts, tournaments, weddings, award ceremonies and nightclub events
  • Help-yourself buffets – buffets can reopen, but only if waitstaff serve you the food canteen-style, you don’t touch the utensils, and you leave a two-metre gap when queuing. We’ll just stick to table service, thanks
  • All massage services, spas, saunas, hammams and jacuzzis – one-to-one home beauty and personal care sessions are now permitted, but massages are still a no-go
  • Groups of more than five people at pools, sports centres and entertainment venues. For venues that can hold more than five people, there must be a gap of four metres between each group of five
  • Pool bars, so those swim-up sips will have to wait
  • Renting goggles, nose clips or snorkels at the pool, as they’re difficult to clean
  • Overtaking while swimming laps. Cool your jets, speedster…
  • Children’s soft play areas, ball pits, rock-climbing walls, trampolines, arcades and gaming zones at water parks must remain closed. Live entertainment and parades are also on hold
  • In-store testing of cosmetics or fragrances, which may at least mean you don’t get ambushed when you go shopping for beauty products. A silver lining!

Image: Unsplash