Does this mean pizza is no longer just a cheat day treat?

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and with the current trend in carb-dodging diets looking like it’s here to say, restaurants have found it necessary to get creative.

We’re now desensitised to the idea of courgette noodles, replacing burger buns with lettuce leaves, and even celeriac couscous, but when we first heard about cauliflower pizza bases, we were skeptical.

Fire-baked dough takes some topping.

That was until we tried it. We’re unsure exactly what culinary wizardry goes into turning the humble cauliflower into a model delivery method for our favourite Italian cheese-feast, but the magic checks out.

Blaze Pizza, which has outlets in The Dubai Mall and Abu Dhabi’s The Galleria Al Maryah Island, has now joined the low-carb gang and is offering cauliflower bases for its delivery and dine-in range of ‘Fast-Fire’d’ pizzas.


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The keto a healthier lifestyle?

It’s a snug fit for the brand, which prides itself on supplying heavily customisable options with fresh, clean toppings.

Their traditional gluten-free dough pizzas start at just Dhs42, and if you opt for the new Cauliflower Crust option, it’s an additional Dhs13.

Blaze Pizza invites you to create your own pizza by picking toppings, or choose one of their classic combos. There’s a vege option, BBQ Chikn, Meat Lover (which includes pepperoni and meatballs), White Top (white sauce, beef bacon, garlic) and a bunch of other palate-pleasers.

Order through the usual delivery apps, or call: (02) 492 6842 for The Galleria Abu Dhabi Store, (04) 419 0252 for The Dubai Mall store.

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