As of August 11, UAE residents will no longer need ICA approval to return to Abu Dhabi…

An article on the Gulf News website has reported on an official communication from Abu Dhabi International Airport to airlines, that as of August 11, those UAE residents returning to Abu Dhabi Airport from overseas will no longer need ICA approval.

The article states “UAE residents with valid visas arriving at the Abu Dhabi International Airport are now not required to get travel permit from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA)”

Although we’re still waiting for an official confirmation, this news is a huge boost to those still awaiting approval.

Other UAE airports

Currently, entry into the UAE through all of the country’s other airports, still requires ICA approval.

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What this means if you’re a Dubai resident flying back to Abu Dhabi:

Although there is a requirement for everyone to carry a negative Covid-19 test certificate to fly into AUH (see below), there is currently no requirement for a test certificate for onward travel from the emirate of Abu Dhabi into Dubai (or the other emirates) by road.

PCR Testing

The requirements for carrying a negative PCR test certificate (obtained within 96 hours of intended entry) remains. For a list of other requirements, and expectations for arriving into Abu Dhabi airport check our guide.

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All those travelling through Abu Dhabi Airport need a Covid test certificate

The test must be conducted by an approved medical service. There is a list of approved testing facilities for each location on the Etihad network.

Travelling out of the UAE

If you’re travelling to Abu Dhabi Airport from another emirate in the UAE (by road) you’ll need either a negative PCR test or negative DPI test (obtained within 48 hours of intended road entry to Abu Dhabi).

A negative PCR Covid test result is also a prerequisite of outbound travel, and it needs to be obtained within 96 hours of your intended departure from Abu Dhabi.

Those residents travelling out of Abu Dhabi, will also need to check the entry requirements (Etihad’s own website provides a great starting point for your checks) of the particular destination they’re headed to.

Etihad is currently offering (chargeable) home testing in the UAE prior to travel for those in a hurry.

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