Previously, tests were only accepted from UAE-approved labs…

In a new travel update, it has been announced that UAE airports will now accept COVID-19 tests from any creditable overseas laboratory, whereby previously, only tests from UAE-approved laboratories would be accepted.

The news is sure to be a relief for people travelling to the country, as previous rules meant that many people would have to travel hours and many miles to find a UAE-approved laboratory in their own country. A pre-flight test is mandatory to travel to the UAE.

A ‘creditable overseas laboratory’ is any clinic approved by the government in that specific country. For example, people in the UK can get a COVID-19 test done at any NHS clinic. All tests must be done within 96 hours of boarding a flight and you’ll need to show a negative certificate to board.

A statement on the Emirates News Agency website (WAM), states that Ncema and the The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) said it would “expand the approval of the results of medical examinations to include all accredited laboratories by governments in countries around the world”.

Anyone travelling to any emirate in the UAE needs to register on the ICA website with the immigration authority before flying. You’ll also need to apply to the GDRFA immigration service. Without doing so, you will not be able to fly to the country.

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Dubai Airports recently clarified the following regarding PCR testing:

  • All citizens, residents, tourists and transit passengers are required to obtain a negative COVID19 certificate before arriving into DXB or DWC.
  • All passengers including citizens, residents and tourists departing from DXB or DWC to the European Union or United Kingdom are required to carry a negative COVID19 certificate.
  • Children under the age of 12 and children with moderate to severe disabilities are exempt from PCR test requirements.
  • Negative COVID19 certificates will be valid for up to 96 hours from the time of the PCR test
  • Some passengers may be required to complete another PCR test upon arrival in DXB

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