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Sponsored column: Animals in Distress is a What’s On column profiling the amazing animal shelters, veterinary clinics, carers and passionate team at Royal Canin UAE, working together to save the lives of stray animals in the UAE. Every month, Royal Canin UAE has pledged to cover the costs of vet bills for select animals in need. These are their stories… 

Meet the rescue…

Calm and sweet Murphy was rescued by a compassionate resident, Kremena Ivanova, who noticed a large wound on his neck.

Murphy royal canin UAE

She immediately took him to the incredible team at Petzone Veterinary Clinic in Dubai, who deduced that the injury to the neck was most likely caused due to a fight with another cat. The wound was infected and was in need of urgent care.

Much-needed TLC

Dr Natascia Riccieri at Petzone Veterinary Clinic immediately took charge of Murphy’s wound care. Stitches were put in place to help close the gap, and Murphy was given pain medication and antibiotics. Once stable, he was neutered and vaccinated.

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And this was all thanks to Royal Canin UAE, who was on hand to pay for all of Murphy’s medical bills and medicine.

Murphy royal canin UAE

Looking for a forever home

Murphy has to have daily follow-ups on his wounds and general health but is getting better by the day. Thanks to Royal Canin UAE, he is receiving the care he needs, but now this courageous two-year-old cat is looking for his forever home.

If you would like to adopt Murphy or know someone who would love this cat for life, please email

For more information on Petzone Veterinary Clinic, go to or visit their Facebook page here. For more information on Royal Canin UAE, visit or for useful advice about caring for your pets, click here.

Images: Royal Canin UAE