Ahhhhh Pizza Hut, a Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut…

Before 2020 wrapped, there was one final twist in the tail for the UAE’s fast food scene: a KFC chicken pizza.

It’s available through Pizza Hut in the UAE for dine-in and delivery (via any of their delivery partners) for as long as stocks last (although they should be around until February).

The KFC chicken pizza comes topped with crispy nuggets of (popcorn-esque) KFC chicken, twister mayo, sweetcorn and gravy. This is a fast-food crossover with audacity stuffed into every inch of crust.

The audacity of this dish

First of all, we need to talk about the unlikeliness of it all, it’s just so #random as millennials love to say. A collaboration between two veteran competitors of the late-night munchie run. Why now? Why at all?

Second, it has a gravy base. Yep. No classic tomato passata, this is a straight-up American muscle pizza with peppery meat juice under its bonnet. And prior to tasting, that worried us.

Third, there’s the fact that this very dish was predicted, with Nostradamian precision, in 2003 by little known Brit-Pop band, Fast Food Rockers, in The Fast Food Song.

The first line of the chorus ‘A Pizza Hut, a Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and a Pizza Hut’ shows a level of astounding prescience that’s usually only seen in World Cup scoreline predicting octopuses.

We searched their hit catalog for other important glimpses into the future, but we were unable to translate the mysteries contained within It’s never easy being cheesy and Stompin’. 

The Verdict: Is the Pizza Hut KFC chicken pizza any good?

Yes. Well, mostly.

If you’re in the mood for a fast-food American-style pizza, this creation delivers.

The KFC chicken is a huge upgrade on the sort of poultry offering you get provided with from many of the chain US pizza stores.

And confession time. We were into the gravy base. We should never have doubted it. Gravy on top of ‘something to mop it up’ is a well-established double act for good reason. The pepper twister mayo gives the slices an extra bit of throaty punch too.

It’s an amusing cutaway, a forbidden crossover of paralell worlds, ‘just like that time’ The Simpsons popped up in Family Guy.

Base good. Gravy good. Cheese good. Southern fried chicken goooood.

Our only strong criticism is the cob-factor. The appearance of sweetcorn. We get why it was included, it’s a traditional side for KFC, but like our stance in the great pineapple-on-pizza debate, we’re not on-board.

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You can order your pizza via the Pizza Hut app, delivery website pizzahut.ae, alomg with most of the UAE’s food delivery aggregators.

Other fast-food crossovers we’d like to see

This tie-up got us musing on what other fantasy food hybrids we’d like to see…

Staying with Pizza Hut for one moment, how about a Nando’s hook up? Think about it guys, a flame-grilled peri-peri chicken pizza, spinach, literally zero sweetcorn, just slathered in hot sauce. Amazing.

How about a Din Tai and Five Guys mash-up? Wait, hear us out. Cheeseburger dim sum. No? Mr Shawarma and Yo Sushi, beef shawarma maki roll, draped in bucket loads of tahini?

Think you can do any better? Let us know in the social media comments.

Images: Provided