Obtained within the last seven days…

From February 1, 2021 the drivers of all vehicles transporting goods into the emirate of Abu Dhabi by road, will need to show a negative PCR result obtained within seven days.

Truck stop

That’s the update from Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee, in an effort to tighten entry protocols as the immunisation programme continues.

Road trip

As part of the increasing raft of benefits handed to individuals that have been vaccinated, drivers that have received the Covid-19 jab will be offered a free test every seven days.

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Abu Dhabi updates road entry requirements - January 2021

Those not transporting goods (that’s pretty much everyone else) and wishing to make a trip to Abu Dhabi by road currently have to show a negative PCR or DPI test obtained within 48 hours of intended entry.

Those staying for a duration of four days will have to take a PCR test on the fourth day. And anybody staying eight days or more, will need to take a further test on the eighth day.

And if you’re travelling from other emirates you’ll need to make sure you’ve registered for the DARB toll service if you’re planning to travel at peak times.

Individuals that have been vaccinated in the national vaccination programmes and volunteers that completed inoculations as part of the Phase III vaccine clinical trials are exempt from the requirement to show a test prior to entry

You’ll need the active status (letter ‘E’ or gold star) showing in your profile on the Alhosn app. For more info check out our guide to rules and exemptions for vaccinated individuals.

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