It was a wild ride for the Crown Prince…

For anyone who’s a fan of road cycling, coming across the odd obstacle – whether it be a cat or a car – is a fairly common occurrence. But it’s not every day you come face to face with an ostrich during your ride. Unless you’re Sheikh Hamdan, that is. The Crown Prince of Dubai has had not one, but two close calls with ostriches while cycling recently.

Fazza, as he’s affectionately known, took to Instagram to share the video of him and his cycling entourage encountering the massive African birds yesterday. The group can be seen riding along a cycling track, before an ostrich darts across the path of the Crown Prince, and a second charges in front of another rider.

Watch Sheikh Hamdan’s close call with an ostrich here…


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Later in the video, as the two huge birds take the inside track, it looks as if the Crown Prince is racing against the majestic animals. Given that full-grown adult ostriches can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometres per hour, this is no mean feat.

Last week, Sheikh Hamdan and his cycling buddies had another nail-bitingly close encounter with an ostrich, as one charged directly across their path.


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