A Dubai trial is being planned for late 2021…

There’s no denying the fact that Dubai residents love their home delivery. We’re also quite partial to high-tech gadgetry (hello, Covid drones and those long-awaited flying taxis). Now, in the very near future, your pizza or paratha may be arriving at your door via a nifty little delivery robot.

Turkish tech start-up Delivers AI has already launched its fleet of takeaway delivery robots in Istanbul, and the team has now set its sights on expanding into Dubai.

According to the company’s founder, UAE-based Ali Kutay Yarali, residents in Dubai Internet City, Dubai Mall and Jumeirah Beach Residences may be among the first to see the Delivers AI robots rolling through their streets. If all goes to plan and they do roll out in late 2021, Yarali believes the robots will help reduce traffic and cut costs for restaurants.

His test fleet of 10 robots has already made 500 deliveries in Istanbul. Yarali told The National, “The next step is to bring these successful trials in Istanbul to Dubai.

“By focusing on the last mile of delivery, businesses can reduce their costs as well as their carbon footprint,” said Yarali. “It is faster, cheaper and more hygienic.”

The Delivers AI robots have a maximum range of 3km, and can be deployed within a 1.5km radius of their central kitchen hub.

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The robots move at a speed of 7km/h (around the same pace as a brisk walk). They are equipped with sensors, on-board cameras and light detection, to safely navigate around traffic, pedestrians and obstacles.

Although these units are designed to move autonomously through the city, they will be under constant supervision and monitoring by real-live humans, so there’s no chance of them going rogue with your rogan josh.

The four-wheeled robots can carry up to 15kg, which should cater to even your hungriest order.

As to when these delivery bots will hit the streets of Dubai, Yarali says: “We have started discussions with the RTA to use similar legislation from the US that would allow these robots to be used here.

“Hopefully that will happen sometime in 2021.”

Images: Delivers AI