Expect to see them hovering around beaches and public spaces…

Dubai Police have turned to drones to make sure people in Dubai are staying at home and following precautionary measures during the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the past few days, we’ve heard the #stayhome message via Sheikh Hamdan, the Burj Khalifa and our phones, but for some, it seems, that message still hasn’t sunk in.

The official request from UAE authorities is to stay home – unless you need to leave for essential work, groceries or medicines – yet people in Dubai continue to congregate in public spaces, or even head to the beach.

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According to a statement from Dubai Police last night, the drones have been deployed to ensure everyone’s following precautionary measures, and to broadcast announcements as required.

Colonel Saeed Al Madhani, Director of Ports Police Station in Dubai, said “Our drones are equipped with cameras that can photograph events in range, whether during the day or night. They can also carry loudspeakers to broadcast Dubai Police messages and announcements to the public.”

The drone patrols are part of the Ports Police Station’s ‘Nawras’ (Seagull) project, offering a high-tech alternative to on-the-ground policing.

In the statement, Al Madhani stressed that the purpose of using drones is to enhance the security and safety of Dubai residents, as well as to follow up on marine incidents, navigation issues and to secure public beaches and activities in their jurisdiction.

In signing off, Al Madhani urges the public to adhere to the precautionary instructions for Covid-19, avoid crowded places and to stay home.

Image: Twitter