Effecting employees in hotels, restaurants, transportation, laundries, beauty salons and hairdressers…

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has announced that as of March 28, the unvaccinated workers of certain sectors, must routinely take a PCR Covid-19 test every 14 days.

Specifically, this ruling concerns those employees working for and in hotels, restaurants, transportation, laundries, beauty salons and hairdressers.

Coming from the national-level MOHRE, and in a communication that doesn’t specify individual emirates, means that this decree is applicable UAE-wide.

We’re currently seeking confirmation as to whether workers will need to have a negative PCR test result ready for March 28, or whether the first tests will need to be in 14 days after that date (April 11). We are also attempting to clarify if those who have only so far recived a single dose, will also be exempt from the testing requirement. As soon as we know, we will pass on that information.

This new requirement, as with all UAE pandemic-related policy is about maximising public safety and blocking off higher-risk avenues for potential transmission. And it is of course in line with UAE’s vaccination campaign — which is undoubtedly the fastest and most effective route for a return to relative normality.

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The requirement for the staff of certain industries to undergo fortnightly PCR tests has already been in place in Abu Dhabi for some time.

For those that cannot currently take the vaccine for medical reasons

Those employees that do not wish to take the vaccine for legitimate medical reasons (nursing mothers for example) are advised to ask their HR to get in touch with the MOHRE, or call them directly on (800) 60.

Current Vaccination Statistics

At the time of writing, Tuesday March 23, a total of 7,374,725 vaccination doses have been administered in the UAE, which in terms of global rankings of per centage of the population vaccinated (with at least one dose), places the UAE second, behind Israel.

There have been a total of 35,576,712 tests conducted in the UAE so far, with a total of 442,226 cases. 424,840 people have recovered and there remains 15,941 active cases.

As you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been following the daily figures, new case numbers have been declining. That has been a direct result of the vaccination drive, and enhanced public safety measures, similar to the one announced yesterday by the MOHRE.

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